Mobile Appointment Scheduling

Interactive Calendars That Work Seamlessly Across Devices

Engageware’s online appointment scheduling app provides a positive, personalized user experience to your customers while allowing your employees to focus on value add efforts for your business. Engageware’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling connects prospects and customers with the right employee on your team by linking your pre-existing calendars and CRM systems with Engageware.

Mobile engagement is now essential in the age of social media, and businesses are increasingly searching for the best appointment scheduling solution for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Your business needs appointment-booking software solutions that reach users in the right place, at the right time, and drives them to the best employee to suit their needs.

Engage With Potential Customers on all Platforms

Whether your customers are on the iOS or Android platforms, using a tablet or smartphone, it’s important to have booking options available as their interest is peaking. With consumers owning multiple devices these days, you never know when that might be, or what device they will be on when it happens. The Engageware appointment scheduling app allows you to convert browsers into buyers by being in the right place at the right time, for the right people.

Salesforce Compatible

Simplify the booking process for your business and for your customers combining Engageware’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling with the worlds leading CRM – Salesforce. Engageware Scheduler for Salesforce allows for instant booking and hassle-free scheduling. Schedule meetings with your clients on an integrated platform without ever leaving Salesforce.

Capabilities of the Engageware Appointment Scheduling App
  • Cross-Channel Scheduling: Be ready to engage with clients while their interest is peaking by offering a service guarantee across all channels at a moment’s notice.
  • Smart Matching with Appointment Routing: Smart Matching will route customers to the right team member by cross-referencing their needs with your team’s skills and availability.
  • Multi-Person Availability: Easily schedule appointments across multiple people. Calendars only display truly available times across all required invitees and sends notifications and calendar invites to all participants.
  • Custom Availability: Your team can notify the rest of the organization of their availability in a pooled resource system, and choose specific options that detail how available they are, and for how long. You can even set a specific time or date range for your availability.
  • Configurable Rules: Set the rules for booking appointments with timeframes, employee priority, booking limits, and more.
  • Personal Calendar Sync: Keep track of your teams’ personal calendars to prevent double booking and other scheduling mishaps. Directly integrate with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar
  • Automated Reminders & Follow Up: Customizable reminders and follow up messages help to reduce no-shows and cancellations, and they boost customer satisfaction.
  • Web/Video Conferencing: Automatically make video conference sessions with integrated web conferencing solutions such as Zoom, Webex,, and GoToMeeting.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Keep track of valuable data and insights and track the customer experience from start to finish, while also measuring the performance of employees.
  • CRM Connector: The data collected during the booking process will stream directly to the CRM system that your organization uses.
Benefits of Enhanced On-the-Go Scheduling

Sales and Marketing
Increase lead conversion and shorten sales cycles with Engageware’s appointment scheduling app. Engageware integrates with all of your existing marketing efforts to drive qualified leads to your sales team while simplifying the booking process on both ends. Keep prospects continuously engaged across all devices and platforms with Engageware’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling.

Mobile-Friendly Interface
Engageware’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling platform offers a mobile-ready interface, making it simple for your customers to engage while they’re on the go. You won’t have to worry about inconsistencies between your desktop site and mobile site throwing off your scheduling experience. The best appointment scheduling apps must be compatible with ALL operating systems to reach users effectively while their interest is peaking. Engageware’s scheduling interface is device responsive and displays the best booking experience while using the devices’ native interface.

User Friendly
The booking process is made simple for your customers as soon as they reach your website, with the ability to schedule an appointment with just one click. Your customers won’t have to make a phone call or navigate complex scheduling systems with the help of Engageware’s appointment scheduling app. Happy customers means more conversions and a stress-free work environment on your end.

The Engageware online appointment scheduling app will geo-locate your prospects and customers each time they launch the Click-To-Schedule interface. Desktops, iPads and other tablets and mobile devices will match customers with the closest store or branch of your business by tracking the location of their devices while they engage. This simplifies the conversion process on both ends, making for happier customers and smoother business operations.

Why Engageware Appointment Scheduler is the Best Appointment Scheduling App

Engageware’s scheduling solutions simply cannot be matched by free appointment scheduling apps that promise more than they are able to deliver. Unlike most free scheduling apps, Engageware integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and extends to other common office applications like Outlook and Google Calendar. Free scheduling apps fail to engage with potential customers across all platforms. From desktop to mobile, Android, and iPhone, you’re covered by Engageware Scheduler, the best appointment scheduling app available.

If you are interested in streamlining your business operations by simplifying the process of booking meetings and appointments, contact us today to learn more about Engageware Scheduler.

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