At Engageware, our appointment scheduling solution features the tools that help businesses and professionals manage their busy schedules of appointments and meetings more easily and effectively. Also known as appointment booking software, companies use our scheduling tools to easily automate various tasks, automatically schedule confirmed meetings, and increase show rates by sending calendar invites and reminder notifications.

We offer a wide range of core capabilities for your business, including social media scheduling tools and even free online demo scheduling tools. Additional features in our scheduling tools include functions for employee and customer management, the integration of all your calendars, and even feature mobile compatibility, which is critical in today’s increasingly mobile world.

Let’s take a look at all of our deployment options and their distinct benefits.

Small Business

Engageware’s online appointment scheduling tool for your small business enables your customers to easily book appointments online, and our social media scheduling tool ensures they can even book meetings from social media channels. Engageware’s online appointment scheduling is easy-to-use and specifically designed to meet all the requirements that your small business and its employees need.

We feature two types of small business scheduling software, both for business and for individuals. While the Business Edition provides multi-user accountabilities and the integration of the powerful CRM tool Salesforce, our Individual Edition is ideal for all types of professionals who want to book their meetings and enjoy instant syncing with the most popular calendar systems in the world, including Outlook, Google, and Apple Calendar. We even offer a 14-day trial, giving you access to free online scheduling tools.


As a solution for sales, marketing, service, and support, Salesforce is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses integrate just about every facet of their interactions with customers, including their marketing, sales, and service functions. And while Scheduler for Salesforce is a powerful and effective tool for scheduling, its colors shine particularly bright when it comes to web and video conference scheduling, supporting Zoom, GoToMeeting,, and Webex.

Events & Classes

This is a standalone, events and classes solution that facilitates registrations, on-site customer management, and post-event follow-ups, giving you the ability to create and distribute events across many locations for groups and classes and supporting the CRM Connectors Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. It’s perfect for brands who are expanding their experiential marketing programs by engaging with potential customers and experimenting with buying programs, all to establish and sustain customer loyalty to your brand.


The Enterprise deployment is a standalone, full-tech stack platform with customizable workflows and CRM integration capabilities. In short, it offers the most extensive package: advanced appointment routing and pooled resource management, full suite reporting and analytics, IVR, and much more. It also includes added bonuses like voice scheduling, search engine booking, and even management tools for classes and events. Many clients take full advantage of the Engageware scheduling platform through our extensive and well-documented API.

A Wide Range of Benefits From All Our Tools

No matter which choice is right for you, all of our scheduling tools provide you and your business with a vast array of benefits, including:

Improved Efficiency

During peak hours, your employees are busy, and their schedules are filled with customer appointments. Without using online scheduling tools, employees can mistakenly double-book appointments, which can cause a significant reduction in their efficiency and even cause client frustration. Our scheduling tools can help with easy scheduling and rescheduling, and allows employees to even confirm appointments and save time.

Enhanced Customer Retention

When your clients experience simple, straightforward, and easy scheduling options for your services, it provides them with high-quality customer experience. With the ability to schedule an appointment at any time, they’ll appreciate the fact that they don’t need to wait until normal business hours to set up a meeting. In fact, research shows that many customers prefer to book appointments using online scheduling tools like ours.

Increased Revenue

By automating your employees’ scheduling with our tools from Engageware, they can put more focus on their clients and in turn, generate more revenue for your business by ending the calling, chasing, and waiting. Additionally, your employees are able to better prepare for the appointment giving them an opportunity to cross-sell products or services.

Eliminating Scheduling Conflicts

Our online scheduling tools help your employees track upcoming appointments and can even send phone, text, or email reminders automatically to your clients. Appointments can also be confirmed through our tools, resulting in fewer scheduling conflicts and virtually eliminating no-shows.

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