Credit unions are well known for putting their members first. It’s what differentiates them from larger financial institutions. Leaders in the space know that keeping their customer at the center of their business is key for retention and loyalty.

For Rivermark, an Oregon-based credit union, embarking on a mission to transform their branches was a key part of their organizational strategy. They decided to restructure their branches to serve as “retail centers” focused on members instead of traditional impersonal teller rows.

As part of this initiative, Rivermark decided that the ability for members to schedule an appointment from the website or right at the branch would be an enhancement to the member experience.

“Our members love the fact that they can make an appointment for service. It is actually possible to get something completed during a member’s lunch break because both the customer and our staff are better prepared for the visit,” says Seth Schaefer, Vice President Operations at Rivermark.“Engageware is a differentiator for us in the marketplace. It allows us to serve more members and at the same time leverage the importance of the members’ visit as we value their time and are prepared to accommodate their needs.”

As a result, Rivermark Credit Union is seeing a 40% increase in cross-sell ratio when members book an appointment.

To find out how Engageware can help your credit union or bank deliver appointment-driven personalization, schedule a time to speak with an Engageware advisor.

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