Last week, I introduced you to the best-selling book The Pocket Guide for Sales Survival coauthored by Randy Bernard, Engageware’s vice president of sales, and Jason DeAmato.

The book features “161 Vital Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone, Anywhere” organized for beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert salespeople.

Each week, the Engageware blog is going post a pair of these terrific tips—in random order—to help sales pros at any point in their career working at any type of business gain new perspectives on the tough but rewarding career they’re chosen. You can check out the first post in the series here before you delve into the next two tips.

Rule 51: Speak Naturally

You should always talk to people as if they’re already a friend or family member. Your tone of voice should be natural. This requires practice and (usually) some coaching.

We love training people on tone of voice. They’ll read a script and sound like a “telemarketer reading from a script.” Big shock, huh?

Then when they’re done reading, they speak with a normal tone again. What just happened? Why did you change when you were reading?

You should talk to clients and prospects with the same tone that you do your co-workers or friends. What you say changes. How you say it should remain consistent.

With clients be professional and natural.

Be natural in your tone and conversations and you will be in like Flynn.

Rule 155: Acknowledge Other People’s Success

As a true salesperson, you are extremely competitive and you want to be the best at all costs.

If and when the chips don’t fall in your corner, acknowledge the success of others.

It could be your superior, a direct report or a peer. Spread the congratulations no matter where they sit in the organizational flowchart.

Learn how to bury your competitiveness when you have lost, reach down deep, find true selflessness, and let it out.

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