In-branch banking has changed as a result of social distancing practices and customer preferences. But keeping customers physically spaced out doesn’t need to diminish the personal touch. Adding lobby management software to a suite of customer relationship technology gives retail banks and credit unions smart tools to keep up with new regulations while maintaining highly personalized customer experiences that are safe for customers and associates.

What is Queue Management Software?

And how will it help address current banking challenges heightened by the pandemic?

Queue or lobby management technology gives branch managers and employees the ability to boost in-person client experiences by managing on-site traffic. Customers can check in ahead of time or virtually join the queue using an app or lobby kiosk — giving them visibility into wait times and improving the overall customer experience. Branch associates can use that information to limit the number of people in the building at any one time, adding an extra layer of distancing safety.

Why Queue Management Matters Now

While COVID accelerated the shift to digital for financial brands and their customers, there is still strong demand for personal interactions. A recent consumer survey by Citizens Bank found that 65% of respondents said they prefer human expertise when receiving financial advice.

Those findings echo what Engageware customers are experiencing. Fifth Third Bank saw a rapid increase (more than 500%) in demand for banking appointments after the start of the pandemic.

According to Shanna Anderson, Senior Manager, Retail Sales at Fifth Third, “many customers will use digital channels for small transactions such as paying a bill or depositing checks, but they still want face time with their bankers for important decisions or financial questions.”

Here’s how banks and credit unions can leverage queue management systems for seamless and safe interactions that foster the personal touch needed for building trust and loyalty.

Empower Employees with Greater Visibility Into the Day

Great customer experiences start with knowledgeable associates who can proactively plan for the day. This helps the team deliver a “we’ve been expecting you” experience to every customer who walks in the door.

Queue Management limits surprises. It provides employees a rundown of their daily appointments with at-a-glance appointment information, including who they’re meeting with and the reason the customer booked the meeting. With advanced insights into appointments, it’s easy for associates to prepare everything needed before a customer walks in the door.

The technology can also match associate availability and skillset to customer demand, ensuring each customer receives the best service regardless of appointment type.

Manage Customer Flow In Real-Time to Increase Safety

Customers may want personalized interactions, but they don’t want crowded ones. Maintaining open lobby and office spaces that allow for adequately distanced interactions adds a great planning burden on banks and credit unions. A queue management system does the hard work behind the scenes, letting customers experience a well-orchestrated interaction that feels like a concierge-level experience.

In addition, queue management tools and easy-to-use apps help financial associates check-in, pre-scheduled visitors with a touch of a button while also making quick work of walk-in traffic.

Encourage Customers To Connect at Their Convenience

“The focus used to be on making customers loyal to banks; this is a time when banks need to show loyalty to their customers. To do so, banks must be prepared to offer an experience that meets customers not only where they are but where they want to be.” Amy Fletcher, CMS Wire.

A recent article in CMS Wire details the Essentials for Building Loyalty in the Post-Pandemic Banking Market. A crucial part of the new landscape is the ability to drive rapid digital innovation while remaining a customer-centric organization at heart.

Queue management technology supports these goals by giving customers more control. For example, customers have the flexibility to join virtual queues through text or voice—while on their way, at an on-site self-service kiosk. Additionally, self-service kiosks allow walk-in visitors to add their names to a queue, get a real-time wait estimate, and receive a text when it’s their turn for service. Brands can also extend this experience online by displaying estimated wait times on their website.

Learn more about how Engageware’s Queue Manager and Essential Banking Package is helping banks and credit unions quickly pivot and accelerate their digital strategies to fully enhance customer experience across every channel.

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