In response to overwhelming demand for a scheduling solution that’s quick to implement, but still powerful enough to balance COVID-19 restrictions and a coming surge in banking demand resulting from the CARES Act, Engageware created the Essential Banking Package. Here’s why.

An Immediate Need to Revamp Operations

While most of the nation is shut down due to COVID-19 safety concerns, essential financial institutions must continue servicing customers. Within the last month, banks and credit unions transformed their customer engagement strategies to adhere to social distancing best practices. Many closed some or all branch locations, others shifted to drive-thru service while offering virtual meetings or lobby visits by appointment only, or some combination of the three.

We’ve also heard directly from retail banks and credit unions that an emerging, and urgent need is to balance conventional customer requests with new demand for loans provided in the CARES Act, and to do so with minimal physical interaction between employees and customers. 

Engageware’s Essential Banking Package Built to Address COVID-19 Challenges

To help financial institutions transition to an appointment-only model and address these COVID-19 hurdles, Engageware launched the Essential Banking Package. This intelligent scheduling solution provides an immediate option for retail banks and credit unions to offer their customers virtual or in-person meetings at a time when walking into the branch on-demand is not possible. Most importantly, it’s designed for rapid deployment — your entire institution can be up and running in less than a day.

Once live, your customers can easily access the “Schedule an Appointment” link directly on your website or mobile app. The scheduling button can direct customers to make an appointment for essentially any transaction, including personal or SBA loans, mortgages or refinancing, or an in-person visit to open a safety deposit box.

Deliver Personal Service Even with Social Distancing

As critical as it is to streamline operations, it’s equally important to provide the right resource when your customers require assistance, regardless of how you interact with them. Engageware’s intelligent scheduling solutions provide this extra layer of assistance by automatically matching customers with the most appropriate staff member based on their need.

Essential Banking Package Benefits

The Essential Banking Package is available in two varieties — Remote Only for virtual appointments, or a Remote Plus Branch Package that enables both virtual and in-person meetings. Financial service institutions that deploy the new solution follow the lead of more than 200 banks and credit unions that already entrust Engageware to provide fast, frictionless banking services.

For more information on Engageware Essential Banking Package, visit the banking by appointment page, or talk to a scheduling expert.

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