While 2019 is forecasted to usher in an acceleration of digital transformations and added online services for retail mortgage lenders, the in-person visit is still the preferred transaction method for nearly half of banking customers when making major financial decisions. And when it comes to community banks and credit unions, industry leaders stress the need for “branch transformation,” creating a customer-first atmosphere at brick-and-mortar locations through a seamless mix of online and in-person interactions.

Delivering a more personalized experience is even more important as community banking institutions put greater focus on mortgage and lending clients, who account for up to 20 times higher profit than traditional checking or deposit clients.

In our latest eBook, Driving Greater Value in Lending & Mortgages with Online Appointment Scheduling, we outline best practices on how retail banks and credit unions can maximize the experience for high-value clients, ensuring they become loyal and repeat customers. Here are top takeaways.

Personalization is key to retain high-value customers
Tech-savvy customers want the convenience and speed of an online transaction provided alongside the deep knowledge and full situational awareness that only a trusted advisor can provide. To achieve this balance, give clients the option to make an appointment at the time that works best for them while also ensuring that any activity occurring online or via the call center gets routed to the right person at the right time.

Implement technology that enables financial institutions to easily gather the info needed ahead of the in-branch visit, taking the guesswork of the meeting and enabling a superior customer experience.

Enable a seamless process between call centers & in-branch transactions
When a customer calls, don’t make them hold or make the mistake of routing them to the wrong person or department. A multi-channel strategy helps smooth the experience so online or call interactions match the same level of service as an in-person visit. This also ensures existing customers receive VIP treatment or always have access to a familiar call or branch agent by matching the customer up to the best resource based on historical activity.

Learn how South Carolina Federal Credit Union improved call center operations, reduced in-branch wait times and improved net promoter scores by enabling smart Smart Matching technology with Appointment Routing™.

Drive higher conversion rates
Attract clients with smarter marketing outreach (while stretching marketing dollars and gaining deeper insight into behavior) by providing the option to schedule an appointment directly from a landing page or marketing email.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give customers what they are asking for 83% of B2C buyers (whether they are doing business with retailers or lending institutions) are likely to schedule an appointment if offered by a business.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time engagement opportunities
  • Higher rates of customer acquisition
  • Significant drop in cancelation and no-show rates

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