Create a Single Source of Truth

Communication is critical for any organization and one of the top complaints from employees. Engageware’s banking intranet add-on allows banks and credit unions the tools they need to surround their knowledge management solutions with access to the most important information. By creating a single source of truth you not only ensure employee usage, you improve internal communication.

The go-to system for your employees

Enhance the employee experience beyond knowledge management to include the information employees need in one centralized area with Engageware’s Premium Portal option. Provide your employees with relevant information such as announcements, calendars, IT requests, employee direction, and community news and information. Great for institutions that don’t need an enterprise-grade intranet, but have a need for a light-weight intranet solution

Engageware has definitely helped save a lot of time on the front end. Staff no longer have to research multiple platforms, nor call various departments to get the answers they need. This also improves our member experience. The faster the frontline is able to access a resource that will help them assist the member, the faster and smoother than transaction will be for the member.

Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union

The Tools Bankers Need

With input from hundreds of financial institutions, we’ve built the features that we know bankers want from a light-weight banking intranet solution. These features include an announcements section, CEO corner, calendar, IT request work queues, employee directory, a community section, quick links to tools your staff uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Engageware integrate into other banking intranet solutions?

Yes, the front-end employee interface of Engageware’s Employee Knowledge Management solution can be embedded into other intranet solutions. A lot of our customers embed Employee Knowledge Management directly into SharePoint 360 and we have embedded into other common intranet providers. A list of can be provided upon request.

Is the knowledge base accessed from the intranet (what we refer to as our premium portal)?

Yes, the knowledge base is the focal point of our premium portal. The other features – such as announcements, calendar, IT requests, employee directory, and community section, are accessed via the portal via persistent navigation, and call outs. We have a number of templates that customers can choose from that highlight different ways your users can navigate the different features.

Does Engageware have templates I can chose from?

Yes, we offer a number of standard templates that we customize based on your institution’s brand (colors, fonts, logos etc.) as well as how you want to categorize and prioritize information.