Easily Capture Customer Questions, Requests, and Needs

Not all customers want to call or visit with a request. Engageware’s custom work queues make it easy to quickly capture customer requests across your digital channels. These can be all kinds of queues from lead generation, skip a pay, customer complaints, update address, update name and more.

Automate the collection and assignment of customer inquires

Custom Work Queues allow you to capture consumer inquiries and requests across your digital channels and bring them all into one centralized tool that ensures they are being routed to the right person in your institution

Engageware makes it fast and easy for me to resolve member inquiries in a professional and timely manner. It has improved my member experience for certain!

Greylock Federal Credit Union

Customize Based on the Channel

The information you need to collect or how an inquiry is routed may vary based on the channel or type of form. With custom work queues you can easily customize your form fields or routing rules based on the channel and type of request.

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Common Custom Work Queues

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Engageware have templates for different Custom Work Queues I can chose from?

Yes, we have a variety of standard queue / form templates for the common forms – Skip a Pay, Address Change, Change Name forms as well as standard contact or lead generation forms. You are able to use those as a starting point and customize based on your institution’s needs.

How do we access all of the customer submissions?

All completed form submissions are stored in our backend United platform. Actions can be done from the United platform including responding directly to customers ensuring that communication is captured (who responded, when were they responded, etc.)