Here at Engageware, we’re prone to the occasional “crush”—especially on companies that disrupt traditional business models. Basically, when we see a dynamic business simplifying dated processes and solving problems, our heart goes aflutter. So when we recently had the chance to work with LogMeIn, well… let’s just say they had us at “hello.”

In many ways, LogMeIn and Engageware are kindred spirits. LogMeIn’s main focus is simplifying how people connect to colleagues, companies, devices and the world around them to solve their most complex problems. Kindred spirits, right? When two companies share a commitment to facilitating interactions and improving business and experience—now THAT’S a match!

This partnership was long in the making: LogMeIn inside sales reps have used Engageware’s individual and business editions on an ad hoc basis for several years to drive interactions and new leads. Based on that foundation of success, LogMeIn expanded the use of Engageware’s scheduling solutions across its global sales organization.

How can we help? For one, by providing ways to help LogMeIn automate and accelerate key parts of the sales process. Our online scheduling software enables prospects to connect with sales reps at the click of a button. The Engageware scheduling link, embedded in every proactive email, lets prospects view sales reps’ calendars and easily choose a time to connect. This removes scheduling hassles and increases interactions—helping deals get done.

We’re really proud to work with this leading brand and look forward to helping this dynamic company achieve its goals. We look forward to our continued relationship!

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