Last week on the blog we talked about the importance of customer engagement, and while few would argue against its importance, actually executing it is usually easier said than done. Companies that have truly mastered customer experience have one thing in common, they have put themselves in their customers’ shoes and figured out what customers actually want from an interaction. The first step in walking in your customer’s shoes is traveling with them to identify the steps they take throughout the process of doing business with you—this is the customer journey.

When customers adopt Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling, often the most critical business driver is improving the customer experience. To meet this objective, we work with them to focus on three critical areas of the customer journey:

  1. Acquisition—Capturing customers at the peak of their interest and providing a service guarantee that a knowledgeable member of your staff will meet with them at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Assistance—Effectively managing customer flow and delivering upon the service guarantee.
  3. Response—Continuing the customer journey and turning them into repeat, long-term, loyal customers by leveraging data to determine the next best action.

Warning: When you start to drill into the details of these phases, you may find that the customer journey is not necessarily linear. And when it comes to repeat customers, this is a good thing. Understanding what triggers customers to purchase again or even share their great experience with friends or social channels is critical in making this a repeatable process.

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