July 11, 2023

Product Highlights and Updates – July 2023

Scheduler for Salesforce

Customized Branding

Engageware now offers the ability for admins to customize the Scheduler for Salesforce experience by adjusting the labels and objects to your organization’s branding specifications.

Add Custom Booking Fields via URL Parameters

Invitation organizers can now edit an invitation URL to pre-define a hidden or visible custom booking field. This feature ensures meeting owners can collect important information prior to a meeting by easily being able to identify the source of booking, measure success of marketing campaigns, or to tailor an invitation to a specific subset of your client-base.

Usage Reporting

Engageware Customers can now execute a report in the admin tab that will display unique users and how many appointments they were booked for.

Scheduler for Enterprise

Additional Option to Schedule a Recurring De-identify of Contact/Client records

Previously administrators could import a One-Time file of contacts/clients that they require to be de-identified in their license. With this additional option, administrators can create a recurring schedule of contacts/client that haven’t had a scheduled appointment after the selected timeframe to be de-identified.

  • Example: De-identify Clients older than 30 days
    • Would de-identify the client information for any client that did not have an appointment within the last 30 days or in the future.

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