May 23, 2023

Product Highlights and Updates – May 2023

Scheduler for Salesforce

Powerful alerts to reduce no-shows while creating better customer experiences 

Scheduler for Salesforce now offers automated appointment notifications via text messaging. Automated reminders and notifications greatly reduce no-shows — Engageware customers enjoy up to 90% client show rates for scheduled appointments. In addition, ensuring attendees are aware of upcoming appointments eliminates time wasted chasing down clients. 

According to a recent study from Gartner, the average open rate for text messages is a staggering 98%. This means appointment reminders, instructions and other details you need to share with customers have a high chance of being ignored if you’re just using email notifications to drive awareness of your appointments. 

Scheduler for Salesforce provides several out-of-the-box text alerts, which can be tailored to create an appointment experience that aligns to your company’s image. 

  • Appointment Booking Confirmations sent to attendees when a meeting is initially scheduled 
  • Appointment Reminders that can be setup to go out at various different intervals, including 24 hours, 60 minutes, and 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time 
  • Re-scheduled Appointments alerts sent out when meetings are rescheduled
  • Cancelled Appointments alters sent out when meetings are cancelled 

To take advantage of this new critical function for your organization, please reach out to your Engageware Account Manager. 

Enhanced Round-Robin Routing Rules for Group Selection 

End-user attendees now have more availability to choose from when booking appointments. 

Meeting organizers now can be assured of a more accurate and reliable selection algorithm for cycling through resources in a group when assigned to an invitation. 

When a group of resources is assigned to an invitation, the enhanced Round Robin routing type will ensure availability will be pulled for the whole group. The new routing rule will pull the person next in line after a time is selected by the attendee. 

Appointment Scheduling’s Engagement Center

Improved Appointment Types

Appointment Scheduling now includes the ability to configure your appointment types in one place, giving administrators the power to create new Appointment Types, assign them to the Resources and/or Pools and to the locations that they will be available in. This feature helps administrators easily update their system. 

Key Features: 

  • View and manage the Appointment Types in one place for the entire license. 

Improved Resources, Schedules, and Pools

Appointment Scheduling now also includes the ability to configure Resources, their Schedules, and Resource Pools in a more simplified and streamlined interface. This feature simplifies and streamlines the workflow for the administrators and empowers them to easily update their system.  

Key Features: 

  • Create, view, and manage the Resources in 1 place for the entire license, including assigning them to the appointment types and locations in which they will work. 
  • Create, view, and manage the Resource Schedules for each resource. 
  • Create, view, and manage the Resource Pools in 1 place for the entire license, including assigning them to the specific resources and appointment types. 

Improved User Management

Along with improved Appointment Types and Resource and Resource Pools, the Appointment Scheduling Solution now enables the administrators to configure their Users, their access to the specific menus in a simplified interface. This provides administrators flexibility in managing all users for their license. 

Key Features: 

  • Create, view, and manage all Users in one place for the entire license. 
  • Manage user’s ability to view resource schedules and time off for themselves or to a specific location.

Enhanced Click-to-Schedule (CTS)

Click-to-Schedule has been enhanced with a modern, and intuitive design. This update includes enhancements to comply with WCAG accessibility standards. 

Customers with customized branding will now see their branding applied consistently throughout the booking process, giving your clients a better booking experience. 

Scheduler for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)

An appointment scheduling automation platform designed for individuals and small teams with unparalleled flexibility to create many types of individual and team-based routing and scheduling rules. To register, click here. 

  • Out of the box activity templates set at 15-, 30-, 60-minute intervals.  
  • In-person, phone or virtual activities 
  • Ability to create new activities from templates or from scratch 
  • Personalize email messages, and logos to be consistent with your branding
  •  Generate reports online and export data on demand 
  • Connect with Google, Ical, Outlook and Exchange calendar to create appointment links, appointment buttons for booking pages based on your availability. 
  • Ability to add team members as Users, assign users to Groups (*requires Business or Business Plus edition)
  • Distribute and route appointments to the right people based on Groups and team based routing rules 
  • Advanced features such as the ability to block time after appointments, allowing users to cancel or reschedule, add questions for invitees, and much more. 

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