January 25, 2023

Product Highlights and Updates – January 2023

Introducing Peer Analytics

The Appointment Scheduling Solution now includes a Peer Analytics feature that allows bank and credit union customers to gain insights into their appointment scheduling performance compared to their peer group. This feature includes purpose-built dashboards that provide benchmarking data and identify areas for improvement to increase appointment scheduling usage. The appointment data is updated monthly to track performance over time. The feature aims to help customers optimize their appointment scheduling solution and realize its full potential. 

Key Features: 

  • View the appointment rates of your institution compared to your peers.
  • The appointment data is updated monthly to monitor performance improvements over time.
  • Insights provide benchmarking data to identify gaps and areas of opportunity to increase usage of appointment scheduling.
  • Insights ensure you are optimizing the benefit of the appointment scheduling solution.

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Note: Engageware does not share our customer’s data with any 3rd party. 

Concierge Mobile  

Engageware’s Concierge mobile application has added new features including parity between client records in the Appointment module and Concierge mobile, the ability to update client records directly in Concierge mobile, improved auditing of appointment changes, and enhancements to Single Sign On (SSO) that utilize the same authorization as the Engagement Center and Appointments Module. These updates aim to improve functionality and user experience for Engageware’s Concierge mobile users.

Key Features: 

  • Parity in client records between Engageware’s Concierge Mobile and the Appointment’s Module in being enforced when a client is created.
  • Client Records can be updated directly from Concierge Mobile thus eliminating the need to navigate to the Engagement Center Appointment Module to make those updates.  
  • Additional audit tracking of Appointment Changes within Concierge Mobile have been added to provide Administrators with greater visibility. Administrators can now determine which Concierge Mobile user updated an appointment based on the user that was signed in.
  • SSO (Single Sign On) Enhancements: SSO will now utilize the same Authorization as Engagement Center and the Appointments Module.

Appointment Scheduling’s Email Content 

New email variables have been added to Appointment Scheduling to improve customer experience and communication. These variables include Location Description, Appointment Questions, Appointment Type Client Email Content, and Appointment Type Resource Email Content. They allow for location-specific information, customer responses, and appointment-specific links to be included in emails to customers and employees. This will ensure that customers receive the most up-to-date and useful information regarding their appointments. 

  • Location Description: Include location specific information that may be of importance to your clients such as parking information or special instructions. 
  • Appointment Questions: Easily include customer responses to specific appointment questions within your emails.  
  • Appointment Type Client Email Content: This addition allows Appointment Type specific details or links to be included in the Client email content, enabling you to add an appointment specific link to your web page or your Customer Self Service Knowledge Management system.  
  • Appointment Type Resource Email Content: Allows for Appointment Type specific details or links to be included in the Resource email content, enabling you to add an appointment specific link to your web page or your Employee Knowledge Management system.  

Scheduler for Salesforce’s 2023 Spring Compatibility 

In response to Salesforce’s 2023 Spring updates, Scheduler for Salesforce v11.2.8 includes key updates to prevent service disruption to emails generated from typical Click-to-Schedule actions – bookings confirmations, rescheduling emails, and cancellation emails. 

Knowledge Management 

The updates to the Knowledge Management system include the ability to restore deleted procedure steps, a warning message when deleting linked content, and a more accurate reflection of content changes with the Last Updated Date no longer changing when only the Review Date is updated. These updates aim to improve the system’s functionality and ensure the integrity of the knowledgebase. 

  • Restoring Steps from Trash. Similar to other content items, individual procedure steps will now go to the trash when deleted and can be restored at a later time. 
  • Linked Content Warning. A warning message has been added when deleting or unpublishing a content item that is linked to from other content to help avoid having broken links within the knowledgebase. 
  • Last Updated Date. The system no longer changes the Last Updated Date when only the Review Date has changed on the content, allowing for more accurate reflection of content changes. 

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