February 28, 2023

Product Highlights and Updates – February 2023

Knowledge Management 

Engageware, the best of breed solution for Appointment Scheduling and Knowledge Management launches Content Indexing, an intuitive and impactful way to allow your public-facing Customer Self-Service content to be easily discovered and accessed by search engines.   

  • Content Indexing for Search Engines is a best practice that allows your public-facing Customer Self-Service content to be publicly accessible to search engines. Content in Engageware Knowledge Management can now be updated with metadata and search-friendly URL tags, which then get added to your company’s website. Content is subsequently discovered and indexed by search engines making the information readily available for public searches. 
  • This feature, improves the visibility of your content, which can include frequently asked questions or other knowledge base articles hosted by Engageware with search engines such as Google. This improved visibility drives organic traffic from your customers to your website.

Appointment Scheduling’s Engagement Center

The Appointment Scheduling administrative portal, Engagement Center, has been enhanced with several features.  

  • The new User Management feature allows administrative users to create and manage new users from the User’s menu, multi-select users for enabling, disabling, or deleting, and restrict access to specific resource or resource schedule modules.  
  • The Data Management feature allows administrators to set up one-time or recurring scheduled jobs to remove sensitive data from the system, which helps meet your organization’s compliance and security needs, reduce risk, and meet customer and government requirements. The ability to remove unnecessary data such as client and appointment data on demand is greatly beneficial. 

Scheduler for Salesforce

The Scheduler for Salesforce v12.1.1 includes several feature enhancements, including Custom Booking Fields, Web Conferencing Service Accounts, Zero Availability and Editable System Labels.

  • Custom Booking Fields enable users to configure custom input fields such as checkboxes, open text fields and others for the booking page, which allows for better preparation for meetings.  Collected data will flow directly into the event and be available for reporting. 
  • Web Conferencing Service Accounts enable users to set up WebEx and Microsoft Teams video conferencing services at the administrative level instead of the user level, simplifying the onboarding process.A single setup simplifies the process of enabling virtual meetings and eliminates the need to setup each user for authentication, making the onboarding process more efficient. 
  • Zero Availability is a single click override from within the User Schedule that blocks off a user’s entire day, useful for when a user is out of the office or does not want any appointments for a full day.  
  • Modifiable System Labels allow for personalization of the application for your organization by modifying certain field, menu, and tab labels. 

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