April 11, 2023

Product Highlights and Updates – April 2023

Appointment Scheduling’s Engagement Center

Salesforce Connector added to Engagement Center’s Connectors menu. In addition to the already existing integrations with Webex, Teams, Zoom and others, Salesforce Connector has been added to the list of available integrations from Engagement Center’s ‘Connectors’ menu.

Customers who want to push their client and appointment information into their Salesforce, can now easily enable and configure their settings within the Engagement Center.

Concierge Mobile

Concierge Mobile adds ability to ‘Confirm’ future appointments. As your employees reach out to your customers after initial appointments are set, the Concierge Mobile now allows the employees to change the status of appointments with future dates to ‘Confirm’.  

By making a consistent effort to confirm appointments, you can have confidence that your customers will keep their scheduled appointments. This also helps in proactively managing your resource allocations for any given day. 

Scheduler for Salesforce

Scheduler for Salesforce includes several popular enhancements: 

  • Zoom Web Conferencing authentication now supported at the administrative level as well as the per-user level  
    • Every organizer (host) of the virtual meeting must authenticate with the web conference application such as Zoom and Webex. Until now, the configuration only supported per-user level authentication. In order to make things easier for the organizers, an option has been added to authenticate once at the organizational level for a service account with the web conference provider. The integration between Scheduler for Salesforce and the web conference application then uses that organization level authorization to book virtual meetings on behalf of the organizer. 
    • This administrative level authentication configuration is an addition to the existing per-user authentication configuration. With this, an organization will have the option to use either the per-user or the system level authentication. 
    • In addition to Zoom, Webex and MS Teams are also supported for service level authorization. We also support GoToMeeting and Join.Me at the individual user level. 
  • Scheduler for Salesforce API enhancements including Custom Field information when retrieving meeting and invitation details.  

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