“Because of an Appexchange partner called Engageware, Rachel can pick the time that is suited best for her as well as her banker at her local branch. So you can see that in seconds, she’s got that meeting set up later that day. Because of that integration with Engageware, it flows right into the banker’s calendar, so he’s ready to go.”—Eran Agrios, Senior Director Industry Go To Market, Salesforce

Scheduler for Salesforce

Last week, Engageware’s Scheduler for Salesforce was just included in the Keynote Speech for the Financial Services Cloud, given by SVP and GM of the Financial Services Industry vertical for Salesforce, Rohit Mahna. During that keynote, his colleague Eran gave a live demonstration of our product. It’s a fantastic moment for our company and the hard work that the team has done to get the product where it is today.

To provide a little context, let’s take a look back and how this happened and how we developed this Ohana moment with our Salesforce family. In March of ’17, Salesforce first launched its Financial Services Cloud product which is a CRM tool built specifically to take advantage of the complex relationships clients have with family members, organizations and other contacts. The product also tracks the vast amounts of data associated with each client. Between estate planning, wealth management, retirement assets, college planning, Financial Services Cloud really was laid out perfectly to track goals, performance and household data.

At Engageware, this product launch really confirmed our product path. You see, as a company that has been perfecting scheduling solutions for over 15 years, we see an expanded role for scheduling solutions in enhancing the entire customer journey and helping companies engage with their customers to provide value at each phase of that journey. Too many tools are still stuck in the binary age, attempting to solve the meeting problem by trying to show how easy it is to book a meeting between “Person A” and “Person B”. Engageware is thinking about why people need to schedule meetings, and who needs to be involved with those meetings, and what is the desired outcome for those meetings?

Taking that a step further, Financial Services Cloud is built to identify and anticipate key events for a client. That means instead of asking a Wealth Manager to get on the phone and try and book a meeting when one of these key events happens, a firm can anticipate needs, map out opportunities for engagement, and automatically (intelligently) invite clients to meetings with personalized messages. When we saw Financial Services Cloud launched, it was a perfect opportunity for us to introduce our Intelligent Scheduling feature, and it’s been a game changer. We’re the only scheduling solution that allows a Salesforce Admin to easily configure meeting invitations within Process Builder, effectively allowing an organization to build unlimited engagement opportunities across their customer and prospect universe. Instead of connecting Person A to Person B, our clients are mapping out engagement journeys and understanding the best ways to reach out to their customers and prospects.

Let’s talk about how this could actually be applied. If you received an email on your daughter’s 12th birthday congratulating you on her big day and inviting you into your wealth manager’s office to begin planning for college saving, wouldn’t you find that to be an incredibly personalized and valuable communication? How about if you received an invitation asking you to come into the office to review and rebalance your portfolio because the international portion of your investments has grown a little too much?

As many products become commoditized, service is now the differentiator between companies that win and lose. Salesforce helps more that 150,000 companies connect with their customers in a whole new way, and at Engageware we couldn’t be prouder in helping them fulfill that mission.

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